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Research Opportunities

Radiology is a growing field in medicine which incorporates many disciplines. Regardless of your career interests, working with our department will improve your critical reasoning and knowledge of medicine. Students who have worked with us in the past have had the opportunity to present at national and international conferences and also to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

If you are interested in doing research with our department please contact the following individuals:

  • Clinical research opportunities: Savvas Nicolaou, MD FRCPC
  • Educational research and curriculum development opportunities: Kathryn Darras, MD FRCPC

Although not always possible, the department will try to find funding to attend conferences as a student. Please speak directly with your research supervisor.

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Publications and Presentations

Darras KE, Toom M, Moghtader B, de Bruin A, Forster BB, Nicolaou S. Innovative Educational Tools Transform Anatomy Teaching: Integration of a Radiology Mobile App into First-Year Undergraduate Anatomy. 103rd Annual Meeting 2017, Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), November 26- December 1 2017, Chicago, USA.

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Darras KE, Forster BB., Nicolaou S, Munk PL. “A Golden Opportunity for Radiologists: Bringing Clinical Relevance to Undergraduate Anatomy Through Virtual Dissection.” Can Assoc Radiol J. 2017 Aug;68(3):232-233. Epub 2017 Jan 31.

KE Darras, R Spouge, K Scurfield, S Clark, BB Forster, S Nicolaou. Identifying the challenges with radiology electives: Student and faculty experiences at A large distributed medical school. 80th Annual Scientific Meeting, Canadian Association of Radiologists, Montreal, Canada, April 20-23 2017. Second Place Award Winner.

KE Darras, J Reeves, AT Roston, J Hu, BB Forster, S Nicolaou, C Krebs. An authentic link to the clinic: Implementation of an integrated cadaveric-radiology anatomy curriculum. American Association of Anatomists Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology, Chicago, Illinois, April 22-25.

Lee JS, Nicolaou S, Muller NL. Implementation of a new undergraduate radiology curriculum: experience at the University of British Columbia. Can Assoc Radiol J 2007;58:272e8.

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