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Academic Team

Bruce B. Forster, MD FRCPC

  • Professor and Head, Department of Radiology, UBC Faculty of Medicine
  • Academic Director, Office of Education Innovation, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Kathryn Darras, MD FRCPC

  • Theme Lead, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Undergraduate Program, UBC Faculty of Medicine
  • Nuclear Medicine, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Savvas Nicolaou, MD FRCPC

  • Professor of Undergraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development, Department of Radiology, UBC Faculty of Medicine
  • Head of the General Division of the Department of Radiology, Director of Emergency/Trauma Radiology, Vancouver General Hospital

R. Petter Tonseth, MD FRCPC

  • Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology, UBC Faculty of Medicine
  • Clinical Education Leader, Ultrasound, UBC Faculty of Medicine
  • Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician, Functional Imaging Department, BC Cancer

Drs. Nicolaou, Darras and Tonseth are members of the Canadian Association of Radiology (CAR) National Undergraduate Committee.

Academic Team

Ariel Kwan

  • Undergraduate Senior Program Assistant, Department of Radiology, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Eleanor Good

  • Provincial Ultrasound Curriculum Administrator, UBC Faculty of Medicine

R&D Teams

Undergraduate Radiology Education Committee (UGREC)

  • Committee of faculty, residents and medical students who meet 2 times per year to review and renew the undergraduate curriculum. All curricular content is developed centrally to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Committee Chair: Dr. Savvas Nicolaou, Vice Chair Undergraduate Education

Virtual Dissection Research Committee

  • Committee of faculty (from various disciplines), residents and medical students who meet 2-3 times per year to review the combined pre-clinical radiology-anatomy curriculum, including the use of novel technologies.
  • Committee Chair: Dr. Bruce Forster, Department Head

Ultrasound Working Group

  • Committee of faculty from various disciplines who meet several times per year to review and renew the pre-clinical ultrasound curriculum.
  • Committee Chair: Dr. Pete Tonseth, Ultrasound Clinical Leader

Clinical Teachers

Our clinical teachers, which include both faculty and residents, are spread throughout the province to deliver a truly distributed model of undergraduate education. Our curriculum is only possible due to their excellence and commitment to medical students.

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